Process of the Making

My website , breadwinners, was made because I had lots of motivation in different forms. People with their criticism has helped a lot because I’ve used that to better my website and brand it self.

I’ve played songs throughout my journey that has also helped. So if you’re trying to build websites or brands , I believe these tips would help pursue that and perfect it in your best interest. Building this website took lots of roles to portray. It wasn’t easy but the journey is fun especially since you’re in charge of your own. At the end of the day despite all the criticism you may have gotten , its your decision on what you want. It’s cool to take in criticism because the website is built to fit your directed audience. This post is based off my own experience and prior knowledge, hopefully this can help you in the future.

This website is a way for me to reveal my clothing line and give a way for people to purchase and browse through the apparel. Giving feedback to the site and the clothing is a better way for me to fix it and make it better than ever. The criticism that I look forward to receiving will make it convenient for upgrading your closet and me building the apparel to make it satisfy the public even more. Bread Winners is a clothing line made by me, Iayanna, and it was made to fit all audience. The purpose of the brand Bread Winners is to give a comfortable vibe to any and everyone, the clothing we make is made to fit all styles including casual, rock, trendy, and more!

Bread Winners is a brand made because of my love for fashion and being an entrepreneur. That’s the key in building something similar, you must have the interest in it. Would you rather have a job that you hate but pays good, or a job that you absolutely love but doesn’t have that much of a high pay rate? If you enjoy something time goes by way faster than expected. I have a message behind my brand thats also something you should have, a background. The background behind Bread Winners is the loss of a really close friend in summer 2017. He inspired me more than anything and the fact that he had always stepped out with the “drip” made me create a brand surrounding his style. With this brand his legacy will forever live on because I know that if I introduced this clothing line to him he would be my #1 supporter, eager to wear and take a picture in it. 

  • Don’t be afraid to take criticism from others.
  • Find your motivation
  • Have a plan prior to asking for help
  • Think beyond the expectations
  • Look at examples to help find your style

  1. Learn
  2. Own
  3. Build
  4. Launch
  5. Monetize

Here is one example of a song that has motivated me to better my brand
147Calboy – Unjudge Me (Clean)

Another example of a song that has motivated me to better my brand
NoCap – Ghetto Angels (Clean)

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