School is right around the corner and wouldn’t you want to start it off with a brand new closet? Well Bread Winners is here to make that come alive. We are having discounts for not only grammar school, middle school, or high school students but also for college students! Just email the following required information to qualify for the discounts!

  1. Name
  2. School
  3. Grammar, Middle, High, or College
  4. Birthday
  5. Graduation Year
  6. Send School I.D.

After you have submitted the information, Bread Winner’s crew will tell you if you’re qualified right away but give it 2-3 business days just in case the staff is busy at the moment. We give back to all of our customers and right along the qualification email will be your discount code if you’re in fact qualified. Keep shopping with Bread Winners Apparel and give feedback! Share the brand with family and friends and as they log in and submit your referral code you both get discounts on top of the one you originally had if not been used already. Information on the referral codes will be discussed more clear on the next blog!

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