Bread Winners will now begin to give discounts to our worthy customers, which is all of you guys. Discounts will be given daily so in order to get yours made to your best interest. We have birthday discounts, most ordered discounts, and more! We have discounts for loyal customers, customers that referred a friend and discount for the friend! We have lot to give because without you guys we wouldn’t be up and running right now. So to show our appreciation , we will start with a 10% off discount. Text “DISCOUNT” to (773)-403-0397 and we will get you started from there.

If you want a birthday discount go on the birthday blog for more clear instructions

If you referred a friend then the friend will enter your code to get the discount for all the people involved.

If you’re a grammar school, middle school, high school, or college student then proceed to the back to school blog

If you feel that you order a lot from Bread Winners and deserve a discount just contact us from either our email ‘’ or our number ‘(773)-403-0397’ and our crew will get back to you ASAP!

For more suggestions on giving discounts, just contact us and if its reasonable we will make it happen! We want to give back as much as possible just for our lovely customers.

Thank you for all of your orders, and we hope that we can continue to give you the best service.



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