Brand Inspirations

Everyone has a role model in life and Bread Winners started with a little bit of motivation from other brands and clothing lines. Other well-known brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Hermes, Versace, True Religion, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ferragamo Salvatore, and more. Bread Winners was inspired by their brands and gave me the motivation as a young entrepreneur to make Bread Winners as popular as them. Gucci has a unique style that I don’t see anywhere else. It’s products that people wouldn’t be able to copy and more. All of the brands I just named you cant see a major similar trait. They’re all different and have their own mindset when it comes to creativity. So their different minds can inspire my unique mind to think of something outside of the box and hope that it becomes big in the industry like the others. Since I am way younger than the other entrepreneurs that made it big, it may take me some time but I will always look up to them. Without them even knowing that they’ve inspired me to do better and give out a message using my clothing line and brand.

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