I’ve been working on breadwinners for 3-4 years. It helped me develop lots of skills, even some I didn’t know I had before. Before given the opportunity to start my own clothing line, a very close friend of mine left this world. Only 17 years old and I seen him as a ‘go-getter’ and that inspired my brand ‘Bread Winners’. Even though he’s no longer with us, I wanted to make something in his honor of being a motivated young adult in my life.

Now, I want to present something new added on to Bread Winners. Not only was he like that money grinding type, he was also heavy on the working out. The fitness component has been heavy on my mind and I’ve decided to officially add it. I understand the feeling of growing up ‘overweight’, starting about 12 years old weighing 220+. I wasn’t into fitness around that age. Freshmen year I picked up a hobby which led me to be more and more into fitness. Basketball honestly saved me. The coaches I had motivated me to the point where I would just work out independently.

But there was a problem. I didn’t know how to manage my time well independently. I still had class, team practice, work, and personal life. As an young adult now, I want to help motivate teens to put their mind into fitness. Help them manage their time well to become fit. The Fitness component will have T-shirts, water bottles, and more with motivating quotes!


I hope the fitness component of Bread Winners will actually motivate the young minds to get in shape and stay healthy! I had 3 coaches that inspired me to lose weight, but in reality all it takes is some powerful words from one person that can actually relate to the pain of some. I understand, I’ve been there before. Let me allow my experience to uplift my customers and lets all grind harder than before. Because before you gain some you will have to lose some. Takes patience.

Become a loyal fitness customer TODAY!! Sign up right now using the link down below to get the full package, which includes..


  • A journal
  • Diet planning book
  • Fitness tools recommendations
  • Your very own customized fitness shirt!
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